Pot hole damage – what you can do

It’s fair to say that many of Britain’s roads are not in the best of shape, and with another harsh winter rumoured to be on the cards, motorists up and down the country will face pothole peril. At low speeds, tyres, wheels and steering alignment can be damaged. At high speeds, severe damage could occur, or worse still, you could lose control of the vehicle.

If your car ends up in the garage as a result of hitting a pothole, you could be owed compensation to help pay for the repair costs, so here’s how to get started.

Report it:

Even if your car hasn’t suffered as a result of potholes in the road, you should always report them to the relevant council or highways agency. Many local authorities allow you to do this online, and it not only helps other motorists, but could make a big difference if you do suffer damage. The Highway Authority has a statutory defence and cannot be held liable for a defect they do not know about, so if it hasn’t been reported or their own road condition surveys haven’t picked it up, your claim could be affected. For more information go to:

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